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Vocabulary is the silver bullet for readers!

Selected as “Best Intervention of the Year” by Pat Quinn, the RTI Guy.

(Author of the nation’s largest newsletter dedicated to helping teachers implement Response to Intervention.)


Word Lab Web vocabulary activities get results fast…

Let the wordplay begin:

  • Improve reading confidence and comprehension scores.
  • Earn the extra teaching flexibility that comes from knowing all your students are being guided at their level and pace with immediate feedback and support, not waiting with hands raised for your help.
  • Get the time you need for the individualized support and small group work you know your students need while the rest of the class works independently online.
  • Save valuable time tracking student progress: Word Lab Web prepares live reports of student progress for both you and your students.
  • Increase engagement and interaction with peers using our collaborative, online activities.

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Our Guarantee

If at the end of a four month pilot subscription, you do not find students have made an average of a year’s growth in reading comprehension, or more, we will offer you the use of the program for the remainder of the year, FREE! You will simply need to use Word Lab Web 90 minutes a week and provide adult support.

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