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Have you struggled to find the time to teach the words you know your students need for reading?

  • Imagine knowing that each of your students is automatically learning the exact words they need to build their reading skills.
  • Imagine knowing that they are getting the immediate feedback and support they need without you being continually at their side.
  • Imagine knowing that they are building reading comprehension skills at the very same time they are building their word banks, making their learning time doubly valuable.
  • Imagine knowing that by using the reading and word learning strategies in Word Lab Web, 90 minutes a week, we can guarantee you will see at least a year’s growth in reading comprehension in just 4 months.

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Selected as “Best Intervention of the Year” by Pat Quinn, the RTI Guy.
(Author of the nation’s largest newsletter dedicated to helping teachers implement Response to Intervention.)

Our users agree you will:

    • Improve reading confidence and comprehension scores.

tracyThe problems associated with vocabulary are the intensity required to teach it and the time in which it takes to not only access but retain it. Word Lab is the answer to this problem. Students are able to study a multitude of words including academic vocabulary words. It truly is remarkable to see the growth that students have made in reading and their abilities to access the content. On average we have seen students grow 12 percentile points in reading by simply implementing the program and having students work for 3 times per week.’” Tawnee– Reading Specialist and Middle School ELA

    • Earn the extra teaching flexibility that comes from knowing all your students are being guided at their level and pace with immediate feedback and support, not waiting with hands raised for your help.

tracyI have loved Word Lab since I first used it years ago, but found it especially useful the year I taught a split class. Word Lab provides academic rigor while allowing instructional flexibility. I can accommodate and easily monitor students at all levels. …the built-in features allow students to find most of the help they need. Word Lab is an outstanding tool for increasing vocabulary acquisition!’” Nadine – 4th Grade Teacher

    • Get the time you need for the individualized support and small group work you know your students need while the rest of the class works independently online.
    • Save valuable time tracking student progress: Word Lab Web prepares live reports of student progress for both you and your students.
    • Increase engagement and interaction with peers using our collaborative, online activities.

tracyOne of the really fun things about word lab is that there are games and other interactive activities where kids can CONNECT with other students in their school. Kids love competing with their classmates! I hear them say, ‘Wow! I didn’t think I knew all those words!’ ‘I Won!’” Tracy – Instructional Paraeducator

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Our Guarantee

If at the end of your 4 month subscription, you do not find your 90-minute-a-week students have made an average of a year’s growth in reading comprehension, or more, we will offer you your money back for those student licenses.

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