Vocabulary Tools for K-5

From Jenn’s  blog – at Adventures in Literacy Land  –  a quick and easy Vocabulary Graphic Organizer  which can be used K-5 and across all subject areas. From Cathy’s blog – also in Adventures in Literacy Land – Four Vocabulary Ideas to Avoid Roadblocks for K-5

The Power of Words – Building Vocabulary Age 3 to Grade 3

Fran Toomey brings a background in elementary education, communication sciences and disorders (speech/language pathology), and developmental psychology. Her work compliments the middle grade focus on my site. She  posted the following excellent blog, easily viewed as a slide show: The Power of Words – Building Vocabulary Age 3 to Grade 3

To all 90 Minute Challengers – thanks for leaving your ideas and comments here!

For those of you unable to access The 90 Minute Challenge FaceBook Page  please leave your comments and questions below on our blog. This page is dedicated to collecting comments, complaints, ideas and anything else related to the challenge of building word knowledge with your students. Please leave your comments below. Carla  (You may also reach […]

Can Words POP!?

  Learning that POPS is learning that grows your brain…popping new connection buds into place. Here are three truths about learning that POPS!… Learning POPS for you if it is personally meaningful. It POPS for you if you are excited about it. It POPS if your friends are also excited about it. Wouldn’t it be […]

A Silver Bullet for Helping Readers? Maybe…

Colleagues, you’ve got something that’s very close. I know, it’s dangerous to believe something can be that promising, especially in education! But there have been more correlations in educational research supporting the value of this “silver bullet” than in any other educational research. We have been reluctant to take on the concept of a “silver bullet.” We have been […]

We don’t KNOW words from Adam…

 I hate when this happens! The other day I was having a conversation with my daughter about foster kids and the kinds of life experiences that are most common to them. I began my typical consulting-mother/teacher sort of exchange and got stuck…I couldn’t for the life of me come up with the word I KNEW […]

So many words…so little time…and what to do about it!

We think with words, therefore to improve thinking, teach vocabulary. — A. Draper and G. Moeller (see Edutopia: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/vocabulary-instruction-teaching-tips-rebecca-alber ) At first, it seems like teaching vocabulary would be so simple – straightforward, easy as pie, a cinch – right? But, how do you keep it fresh and effective, without breaking out the dictionary or sending home […]

If I had only known that word! or…How to Become a “Worder”

No Fun! Why do we teach vocabulary as an add on, an annoying necessity, an interruption to reading? I certainly learned to approach looking-up-words as a pesky nuisance. Can we make the process of learning words from reading have its own identity and fun factor? Here’s my story of how I accidentally did just that. […]