Take the one-month Vocab Challenge

90 min/wk on vocab – easy

Finding time – hard

Can you set aside a month where your literacy instruction focuses more on vocabulary (90 min./wk) and less on comprehension?

Putting aside some reading instruction time to focus on more word learning is a challenge full of conflict for teachers and administrators alike.

Here’s some rational for digging in, at least for a month:

  1. For all our efforts to teach reading, results continue to be poor: Results of the NAEP long-term trend assessments in reading tell us – “The average reading score for 17-year-olds was not significantly different from that in 1971.” https://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/pubs/main2008/2009479.asp
  2. Reading comprehension is intimately dependent on knowledge:Current education practices show that reading comprehension is misunderstood.” Daniel Willingham, who has long studied best practices for teaching reading,recommends teaching less comprehension and focusing more on building a knowledge base, which includes literary and academic vocabulary from their contexts. https://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2017/11/28/are-we-thinking-about-reading-comprehension-all-wrong/ 
  3. The overwhelming response last year: The 90 Minute Challenge made a permanent positive contribution to participants. Teachers agreed their renewed confidence in effective word learning in the classroom meant more words learned and a boost in their commitment to keep it up. http://wordlabweb.com/blog/vocabulary-challenge-word-learning-reading/
  4. You will have access to effective tools: You don’t have to search for ideas for increasing effective word learning. By joining in you will receive free tools including digital and peer-interactive strategies. http://wordlabweb.com/blog/
  5. You will have support: You may sign up for our (new and improved 😊) format for supporting each other and sharing ideas in the challenge’s Google Community. https://plus.google.com/communities/109333676109693921215?sqinv=dHJ4UG5tNkZRQ3A1OEZVZEhQcUNNcDFkYWF6V2R3
  6. Flexible Timing: This year you will not have to drop out if you can’t fit all 4 of your weeks into The Challenge’s proposed month. We will offer a 2 month period during which we will track, support, and provide free materials. Pick the 4 weeks that work best with your schedule within that parameter. Recognition certificates go out to all who complete 4 weeks.

Starting soon! (Feb.) Learn more and consider joining (click below):

 The 90 Minute Challenge 2018

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