FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Should I use the back button?

In most cases, Word Lab Web can tolerate clicking the back button but we recommend never using it!  By repeatedly clicking the back button some information can be lost causing Word Lab Web to error and require you to login again. When this happens, you may see the ‘Oops’ screen, sending you back to the Login page.

Clicking a button does not change the screen. What should I do?

Periodically a browser can get overloaded and hang.  If Word Lab Web buttons do not work, close the browser and then reopen, login and try again. You may also have to reboot the computer you are using to clear out the memory.  If neither of these solutions work, please write down the details of the problem on our support page and send it to us. We will investigate the issue immediately.

On the Picture Association page, a picture is missing. What should I do?

There are thousands of pictures in Word Lab Web.  If one does not appear on the Picture Association page it is possibly due to an error on our end. Please just send us a note identifying the word and word list you are using and we will correct the problem right away.

I have found something in Word Lab Web that is in error. What should I do?

If you discover an error in Word Lab Web, please send us a note using our Contact Us page. We want Word Lab Web to be as good as it can be, and will address any errors immediately.