Word Lab Web is a great tool for the homeschool setting.  It is easily available on the internet, it requires virtually no setup, it works well with small groups of kids and it is affordable.

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Here’s a quote from Professor E.D. Hirsch who has been described as “America’s most important education reformer of the last century” (

“The persistent achievement gap between haves and have-nots in our society is chiefly a verbal gap. There is no greater practical attainment in the modern world than acquiring a bellyful of words. A large vocabulary is the single most reliable predictor of practical, real-world competence…” (

Let us help you get started with Word Lab Web

Contact us for your license(s) We will send you a 1/2 hour how-to video for you and your child to watch. Your child will get a license and you will receive an extra license as a parent.
Your child can get started! You may initiate some friendly competition by working through the program yourself (at the higher levels). This may be done non-simultaneously. The program compares speed and accuracy, not levels.
Consider including other like-minded homeschoolers (from anywhere in the world) to join in your “group”. This sets up an effective competitive environment where kids compete for the number of new words learned (working at their own reading level), speed, reaching personalized goals, awards, and they can challenge each other on completed word sets. When new participants wish to join your group they simply contact us, referring to your Homeschool ID, to purchase licenses. Note that the prices drop as more licenses are purchased under an ID.


More users in your group encourages competition and stronger learning!