Our mission is to provide the support teachers need to build student word knowledge efficiently and effectively.

We focus on the middle grades and offer two means for teachers to get their support:

Our BlogSo many words, so little time… offers research, strategies, discussion, and free activities to download.

Word Lab Web – Our computer-based program takes the components of what we offer you in our blog and puts them into a ready-to-use, computer-assisted instructional format which accelerates and personalizes learning and provides immediate feedback. Students work as independent learners while using the program.

We are proud of our motto:  SIMPLE SUCCESS!

  • Focused on two critical skill deficits (vocabulary and using context)
  • Individualized, self-directed/ self-paced, and research based
  • Supports ELL
  • Compliments any curriculum
  • One hour of teacher training, students self-register and begin
  • Great results – as good as more complex and expensive programs
  • Immediate access to data
  • In the Cloud
  • Affordable