Our Goal: Improve Reading Comprehension

Word Lab Web does more than just teaching students new words.

It provides practice with:

  • context clues
  • making connections
  • word awareness
  • comparison and categorization skills
  • word function
  • word parts

… all with the goal of improving reading comprehension.

Word Lab Web tracks students’ activity scores and word learning. To evaluate growth in reading comprehension, we recommend you assess pre and post using the reading comprehension assessment that matches your school/district’s criteria. See our results from pilot studies using multiple comprehension assessment tools: http://wordlabweb.com/pilot-study-results/

Assessments provided by Word Lab Web

Formative: 9 of the 12 learning activities provide scaffolding and scores for student feedback and “do overs” as needed.
Summative: Each final assessment of a student’s targeted words, provided after activities have been completed, identifies gains in word knowledge and the Challenge Activity keeps the learning dynamic.

Data provided by Word Lab Web

Teachers and students access the following data in reports: word bank growth, number of “do overs”, speed of learning, record of words learned and when, personal dictionary entries, Challenges won and lost.