Gains in Reading Scores

Results of Middle School Studies using Word Lab Web for 3 half-hour sessions per week (scroll down for details).

…with Word Lab Web – 1.2 years gain in 4 months…

…without…4 month norm…

More than 3 times the gains in reading scores in 60% less learning time.

In our action research we found that for every 10 hours spent using traditional teaching to complete the activities, Word Lab Web took only 4 hours to guide students through the same work.

Results of 5th Grade Study

Study of Word Lab Web Users vs. Non-users After Their First Year of Use


Middle School Studies – Details

  • 2014 – Average gains of 1.2 years in STAR reading scores (and 13 percentile points) over a 4 month period for students using it as their only intervention, 3xs a week.
  • 2013 – Average gains of one year in STAR reading scores over a 4 month period for students using it 3xs a week.
  • 2012 – Average gain of 12 percentile points in STAR reading over a 7th month period. For students using it 2xs a week.
  • 2011 – Average gain of 11.1 points from Fall to Spring, on MAP scores. For students using it 3-4xs a week. An average gain over this time span is about 3 points.

Fifth Grade

2001 – our initial study with 5th graders – Average gains of 1.7 on the Gates McGinitie test in one year compared to an average gain of 1 year for the control group.