Word Lab Web Pilot

Fidelity to our pilot process is the key to your students’ success. This means 90 minutes of use a week per student license. We are so confident that this fidelity to Word Lab Web will produce the results we predict that we offer two promises:

  1. Start with a 4 month subscription. If you use Word Lab Web for 90 minutes a week with 75% of your student users, we will thank you by providing you access to the program for the remainder of the year for free!
  2. If at the end of your 4 month subscription, you do not find your 90-minute-a-week students have made an average of a year’s growth in reading comprehension, or more, we will offer you your money back for those student licenses.

 4 Month Trial

$4 per student license

 Yearly Subscription

$10 per student license

  • Includes all benefits listed here
  • Does not include summer use.
  • FREE use of the program for the remainder of the school yearif you use WLW 90 minutes a week during the 4 month trial period.
  • Money back guarantee (90 minutes a week required for the money back guarantee).
  • Includes all benefits listed here
  • Includes summer use.
  • You gain flexibility of usage. We will still recommend you use it 90 minutes a week for best results but you will not have the pressure to meet our 90 minute a week guarantee requirements. (Guarantee does not apply.)


Learn more about Word Lab Web, or sign up for our pilot:  Contact Us