Word Knowledge: Getting to “I know it…” through Interactive Learning

Welcome to the Resource Page for the So many words…so little time! blog. Please use this page to support your word learning strategies and be sure to get you own copy of VOCABUTRIX, Worder Nerds, and POP! Below is our philosophy:

Authentic learning takes place when a student has ownership of both the selection of what needs to be learned and the discovery of what it all means, which includes finding connections to personal experience.

The following classroom strategies create authentic word learning experiences:

Learning through talking:
Read Supporting Social Interaction in an Intelligent Collaborative Learning System

Accessing prior knowledge:
Read What they don’t know can hurt them: The role of prior knowledge in learning

Peer learning:
Read Peer Learning: Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes()

Read The Role of Metacognition in Learning and Achievement

Learning from context:
Teaching Children to Learn Word Meanings From Context.

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