Testimonials from our valued customers…

“This is a wonderful self-paced, individualized and differentiated program that has students using higher order thinking skills to learn new vocabulary in order to increase their reading comprehension skills.” – reading specialist for Middle School

“It is exactly what I have been doing with them all wrapped up into one unit. I love this program and would highly recommend it for a classroom teacher to help develop vocabulary in a fun, individualized way.” – speech clinician

“Students love the program…are learning a lot and becoming more independent workers and thinkers. Thank you for a great product.” – sixth grade teacher

“I’m surprised at how well they are learning these hard words! They love doing the program and would do it all day if I let them. I started it with only my most advanced readers but the program is flexible enough to include many more of my students. They all want to try it.” – fourth grade teacher using the program for enrichment

“It makes them think outside of the box.” – sixth grade teacher

“They are fighting over who gets to use the computer next to work on the program.” – sixth grade teacher

“My students are thinking about words in a more creative and facile way than I’ve ever seen them do.” – sixth grade teacher

“The program is addictive. You keep wanting to do more and more words!” – resource room teacher

“The program is great. It is both challenging and motivating to my students.” – sixth grade teacher

“Students are always asking if they can use the program, and I really can see it is improving their vocabulary.” – fifth grade teacher

“It helps with many other reading skills, not only with vocabulary.” – sixth grade teacher

“Kids are enthusiastic and asking to work on it during recess.” – fifth grade teacher

What Pat Quinn says in his newsletter…”Word Lab Web is a teaching tool that dramatically accelerates and improves vocabulary acquisition. The web-based program allows you to differentiate instruction AND it gives you great progress monitoring data. This research-based intervention uses a combination of immersion, repetition, variety, relevancy, and feedback to help students fully absorb new word meanings while teaching word-learning skills and improving reading comprehension…I recommend it for grades 5 through high school.”