What Word Lab Web Provides

Word Lab Web is in the Cloud and therefore accessible from both school and home. It is a teaching tool that accelerates and improves vocabulary acquisition while providing practice in the use of context. It allows students to be self-managers while both differentiating and personalizing the instruction. Teachers and students receive real-time data allowing for individualized instruction when needed. Word Lab Web’s instructional design features provide systematic review, intervention, instructional scaffolding, and integration into literature and academic text experiences and student background knowledge. Word Lab Web is best suited for students from the 5th grade and up. Word Lab Web supports the rotational model for blended learning.

Word Lab Web offers the teacher

  • Less than one hour of training to be ready to use the program
  • No requirement to enter students, students self-register their account
  • Assessment data available to both students and teachers
  • Admin site with a variety of data for monitoring progress
  • Demonstrated improvements in word knowledge and comprehension when used with fidelity (3 times a week for ½ an hour)
  • Compacted learning
  • Differentiated and personalized instruction
  • Student focused learning that frees up your teachers
  • Word Lab Web speaks key elements in English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, and Chinese for ELL support
  • Ease of use

Word Lab Web offers the student

  • Practice with inferencing, paraphrasing, categorizing/classifying, visualizing, grammatical functions, comparing and contrasting, analogies, word parts, and use of context clues.
  • Self-managed learning, with immediate feedback, choices of strategies, and instructional guidelines
  • Unlimited opportunities for students to succeed while feeling appropriately challenged
  • Instruction that is individualized based on student prior knowledge
  • Opportunities to undertake greater or less challenge
  • Opportunities to interact with others as a team
  • Personalized goal setting
  • Many built-in achievement recognition systems
  • Competitive games for review
  • Ease of use

Word Lab Web offers the school

  • Internet based technology requiring no setup other than access to the Internet
  • Access from home
  • Low cost for great value
  • Results that match those of more time consuming and expensive well known curriculums
  • Demonstrated improvements in word knowledge and comprehension when used with fidelity (3 times a week for ½ an hour)