Word Lists

Words targeted for use in Word Lab are listed below.

Critical Common Core WordsMarilee Sprenger

2095 – Time Warp Trio Series

activate agency belched blast boomed canopy century chant collision data dense devices din disembark display dodged donated doomed drifted dummy exhibit feat herd images impress inspiration lobby magnificent mammoth maniac maze miniature minor monotonous muffled plaque relieved revealed robot squinted stampede stunned swirled transporter tumble twitching unison whooped

A Wrinkle in Time

abruptly absorbed accord agony aloft alternative anguished annihilate antagonistic appalling arrogance artificial assuaged atrophied autumnal avid belligerent bellowing bilious brusquely ceased centaur chamber chortling cloven comprehended compulsion confound connotations corporeal corridor curtsied dais despondency devoured dilapidated dilated dimension disintegration distraught dreadfully dwindled eerie emanate embrace essence exuberance fallible flickering formidably frenzied frigid gallivanting gamboled gesture gorge gravely grimace grimly illuminating imperceptible indentation indignantly inexorable infuriated insolent intoned jeopardize loathing materialize medium miasma myopic nondescript ominous omnipotent opaque oppressive permeating placidly poised precipitously preliminaries primitive probing pungent puny radiance reiterating relinquished reproved resilience reverberated ruthlessly sadist scowled serenely shrilly shuddering sinister somber sonnet spectacles subsided sullen talisman tangible tenacity tentacles tentatively translucent transparent trepidation unsubstantial verbalize virtue vulnerable warily writhe wryly

Academic Word List – Unit 1

analyze approach area assess assume authority available benefit concept consist constitute context contract data define derive distribute economy environment establish estimate evident factor finance formula function income indicate individual interpret involve issue labor legal legislate major method occur percent period policy principle proceed process require research respond role section sector significant similar source specific structure theory vary

Academic Word List – Unit 2

achieve acquire administrate affect appropriate aspect assist category chapter commission community complex compute conclude conduct consequent construct consume credit culture design distinct element equate evaluate feature final focus impact injure institute invest item journal maintain normal obtain participate perceive positive potential previous primary purchase range region regulate relevant reside resource restrict secure seek select site strategy survey text tradition transfer

Academic Word List – Unit 3

alternative circumstance comment compensate component consent considerable constant constrain contribute convene coordinate core corporate correspond criteria deduce demonstrate document dominate emphasis ensure exclude framework fund illustrate immigrate imply initial instance interact justify layer link locate maximize minor negate outcome partner philosophy physical proportion publish react register rely remove scheme sequence shift specify sufficient task technical technique technology valid volume

Academic Word List – Unit 4

access adequacy annual apparent approximate attitude attribute civil code commit communicate concentrate confer contrast cycle debate despite dimension domestic emerge error ethnic goal grant hence hypothesis implement implicate impose integrate internal investigate job label mechanism obvious occupy option output overall parallel parameter phase predict principal prior professional project promote regime resolve retain series statistic status stress subsequent sum summary undertake

Academic Word List – Unit 5

academy adjust alter amend aware capacity challenge clause compound conflict consult contact decline discrete draft enable energy enforce entity equivalent evolve expand expose external facilitate fundamental generate generation image liberal license logic margin medical mental modify monitor network notion objective orient perspective precise prime psychology pursue ratio reject revenue stable style substitute sustain symbol target transit trend version welfare whereas

Academic Word List – Unit 6

abstract accuracy acknowledge aggregate allocate assign attach author bond brief capable cite cooperate discriminate display diverse domain edit enhance estate exceed expert explicit federal fee flexible furthermore gender ignorance incentive incidence incorporate index inhibit initiate input instruct intelligence interval lecture migrate minimum ministry motive neutral nevertheless overseas precede presume rational recover reveal scope subsidy tape trace transform transport underlie utilize

Academic Word List – Unit 7

adapt adult advocate aid channel chemical classic comprehensive comprise confirm contrary convert couple decade definite deny differentiate dispose dynamic eliminate empirical equip extract file finite foundation globe grade guarantee hierarchy identical ideology infer innovate insert intervene isolate media mode paradigm phenomenon priority prohibit publication quote release reverse simulate sole somewhat submit successor survive thesis topic transmit ultimate unique visible voluntary

Academic Word List – Unit 8

abandon accompany accumulate ambiguous appendix appreciate arbitrary automatic bias chart clarify commodity complement conform contemporary contradict crucial currency denote detect deviate displace drama eventual exhibit exploit fluctuate guidelines highlight implicit induce inevitable infrastructure inspect intense manipulate minimize nuclear offset paragraph plus practitioner predominant prospect radical random reinforce restore revise schedule tense terminate theme thereby uniform vehicle via virtual visual widespread

Academic Word List – Unit 9

accommodate analogy anticipate assure attain behalf cease coherent coincide commence compatible concurrent confine controversy converse device devote diminish distort duration erode ethics format found inherent insight integral intermediate manual mature mediate medium military minimal mutual norm overlap passive portion preliminary protocol qualitative refine relax restrain revolution rigid route scenario sphere subordinate supplement suspend team temporary trigger unify violate vision

Academic Word List – Unit 10

adjacent albeit assemble collapse colleague compile conceive convince depress encounter enormous forthcoming incline integrity intrinsic invoke invoke levy likewise nonetheless odd ongoing panel persist pose reluctance so-called straightforward undergo whereby Bridge to Terabithia allegiance brood cagey canopy clabber commend complacent consciousness consolidated conspicuous conspiring constricting cremated crimson cud current decent despised distribution doused dread dredging emerging encounter flank flared flounce foundling gallery garish glared grit grits grove guardian gully huddle hunched hurtling hypocritical inclined intently jester leaden muddled mumbled muttered nudged objection obliged pace pandemonium parapets peering pew plunked predators prescribed primly prissily procession prospectors proverbial pudgy quivered reckon regicide relentlessly respects retreating retrieved roused sacred sarcasm sassy scalding scowl scuba shuddered slunk smirked smothering snickers sodden solemnly sow speculation sporadically squinted stranded stricken strolled stronghold suburbs threatened traitorous transplant unison vanquished vaulted vile vowed wheedling whimpering

Call it Courage

adze agony alert apprehension assault atoll barrier bracing buoyancy cauterize ceased chants churning circumference convulsively crest current desolation dread ebbing emerged faltered formidable frail fury gusts haunches hull idol impaled implacable iridescence lagoon lashed livid majestic monotony ominous parched plateau prevailing profoundly pursuers quenched reef stouter taut torrent vast waning

Charlotte’s Web

acute adjourned adrift aeronaut aloft appalled appealing appetite ascend bellowed bewilderment bleak blundered briskly budge carousing commotion conspiracy crate daintily dazed delectable deserted desolation destiny detected detested discarded distribute dreary dung embraced enchanted exertions forlorn forsake foul fragments gander gaze gnawed gorge gosling gullible hankering hitched hollered humble hysterics idiosyncrasy injustice keen languish listless loathed manure meekly midway mumbled murmured orb orchard pestering plot pompous pummeled radiant rambled rigid runt salutations scampered schemer sedentary slops sneered snout straddled strands summoning surly thrashing tranquil trough veritable versatile wearily wondrous

Chato’s Kitchen

clung collar cowered cruised forlornly gems grinned grooming growl ingredient loveliest picket pranced reassured scrape slats sleek slinking sparkled spiraled suppressed swooped twinge yard

Dinosaurs Before Dark

absolutely alert ancient base bellowing bolted caption chomping clasped clutching coasted creature crest crouched dashed dazed engraved ferns gasped gleaming grazing gripped groaned hunched loped medallion mutant nudged panic reptile scooped shrugged snorted soaring spin stammered stampede teetered tumbled valley


abated abdomen altimeter altitude amphibious antiseptic apparently asset banded banked batch battered bearings bellowed birches bluff boughs bounded braces bulk bushplanes butane camouflage carp clump cluttered committed comprised consuming convulse corrosive craved crest crude crystal depress depression device digital diminish dormant doze dramatically dusk eddied elevators exasperation exulted flailing flock flue fluid flurry fluttered frenzied funk furor fuselage gingerly glacial gnarled gorge grimacing gusts hack haze hefted horizon hummocks ignite impaired incessant indicate infuriating inhaled initial instinctive intact intent interlaced intervals kindling lance lean limbs literally lunged lurched lure massive momentarily muck murky musty oblivious predators primitive propel pulverized punky quill raked rasping receded rectify refine reflection registered retrieved rudder ruefully sanity sarcasm seeping shafts sheath slewed slithering sloshing smoldered snags stabilize stagger stale stave stock stymied substantial surging swarms swiveling tapered tatters telegraphed tendrils thrashing throttle transferred transmission turbulence unduly viciously vital wallow wedging welted wheezed willow wincing windbreaker wither wrenching

Make Four Million Dollars by Next Thursday!

alternate chant consult curt emerged exhausting fertilize grinned hollered indignantly mansions measly muttered plantation proclaimed rustled scowled shrugged shuddered snorted spiteful stammered stooped strutted sturdiest taunted timidly trance trudged tycoon

My Father’s Dragon

alley bellowing boar clump conduct contradict crank dense dependable dim disorderly docks dreadful fierce frantically gloomy grooming hold inhabited invasion knapsack magnifying mane merchant moody muttering peeping peered prancing raged saucer screeching stampeded tangerine tender tortoises trespassing tusk wade yank

My Name is Maria Isabel

apartment audience backpack breakfast candles chattering class crumpled crutch dinner drizzle essay exclaimed garbage glared grin holiday kitchen lanterns library magazines makeup pageant parents play program rehearsal shepherd silence smile snow sparkling stage sticky stories titles winter wish wrapped wreaths

Sarah, Plain and Tall

asters bleating bonnet bundle buzzards chanted clattered coarse collapsed colt drifting dune dusk eerie enclosing fair feisty fetch flax gleamed greens grinning groom gullies hail harshly hearthstones hitched holler homely hooted huddled kettle lantern mica milled murmured nudged paddock peering pesky plain plains plow primly pungent quilt reins roamer rustle scattering scuttling shingles shuffled slick spruce sputtering squall squawk squinted stall stern streak suspenders thumped treaded wailed weary whickering whooped windmill wretched


accomplished addled aggravating ajar ashen askew beams brambles brier burlap carcasses chiseling chute cistern clammy clamp clump commotion compulsion conjured constrained convict coon corridor county crates crockery crumple dangled deputy dim draft drifting enroll familiar famished fetch fret glee gnaw grieve halting haunches hobbled hollering indistinct kernels limp loafing mellowed muffled murmured perky punctuated quarry remote resembling resolved rivulets ruffled shafts sharecroppers skittish slacken sloshing sneer socket spell stalk stub successive sultry tanned throb ticking toting tramping vast
wages withered

Stone Fox

abrupt account amateurs authority beamed blotted blurted brim bushel clenched clutching concerned contestants coop crop cunning deposited deserted disqualified forged glimpse halt harness increased insisted investigate irrigation loomed lunged massive pleaded proceeded pursuit rooting shifted shrieked strutted sturdy treacherous unison

The Cat’s Meow

amazed bandage blab bushes cackling ceiling chores chuckled cloud crazy crowd cuddled dessert dusty exclaimed excluded fence furry gang gingerly gossip knees lawn leaped moment muttered napkin patted paw peek peeling pleaded poked porch prance puzzled rainbow refrigerator reporter scolded shaded shyly slapped sneaked weird winked witch yard

The Master Puppeteer

accomplish acutely alcove allegiance amulet ancestral anguish apparently apprehension apprentice armature arrogance arrogant arsonists artisans assault assertion assessed bantering barrage belligerence bellow bereft betrayed bland braggart brazen braziers brigade brigand brokers cacophony clog cohorts constabulary constricting construed contemptuous contorted credentials creditor curd deigned demote derisively dictator discourse disgruntled disheveled dissuade domestic elaborateness elite elusive embossed entrails excruciatingly fabricated fickleness flourish foibles gallant gingerly glinting glutinous grating grimace grimly gruel gruffly guffawed hibachi huskiness ignominy illusion impulsively inconspicuously incontrovertible incredulously indulging ingratiating initial intently irksome kimono lacquered laden lament lamentable lavishly loincloth loll magistrate magnanimity magnanimous mallet manipulator mechanism methodically nonchalant notoriety noxious obsequious offending oppressed ordeal paupers piety placid plagues pleaded poignant pomposity potent predecessor premises procession profligate prone pumice quiver rabid regaling remorse renegade repertory rivulet rogue rovers sake samurai script sedately sentimental serenity sheath singed skeptically snipe sparse speculation sprawling sputtering startled stealthily stipend straddling surreptitious tenaciously tinder tunic unhindered usurped vexation vile weary
wizened wrath wretches writhe

The Old Man and His Door

announced beaming blushed bored brow dizzy drowning flapped gate gurgled heaved paddled panted plump pocket propped ragged ramp shoulders shrugged swarm village wagon wriggled

The Sign of the Beaver

abruptly awe beseeching bewildered blazed blustering boggy boisterous bounty breechcloth bustling chagrined chinking clamor clumsiness colonists comradeship concealed contented courteously crude deacons deceive despised dignity dimness discomforted disdainfully dreaded drowsiness feat fetch finicky flaunting flimsy floundered forfeit fragile frantic frisked fury garments gleam gleeful glimpsed glint glistening glittered gloating gourd grave grimly grin grudgingly halted hastily heathen hobbled humiliation hunch impressive incomprehensible indignant insisted intended intricate jabber ladled lamely lugged meager menacing mocking notch ordeal pace peering pelts pesky pleaded prancing proclaimed prowess pungent reckon reproach resolved retorted ruefully salvage sapling scooped scornful scowl scrawny shabby shrug snare sober solemnly splicing stalked startled stern stockade stoutly stun summon swift tramped treaty trudged unhampered ventured waddle warily whacked whittled wielded withered

The Skirt

affection beamed boosted clung commute cowered crinkled curb curious dangled draped faded faucet favorite fender flecked gasped gazed gear glittered gravel groaned hobbled hollered ignored lawn library memory muttered panic pitcher porch racket rattled revved rippled rustle scolding scooted scraped shivered sizzling sliver slurping snatched sneered speck spun stacked stomping strained taunted tousled tucking twirled twitched valley ventured welder whined whipped winced wondered yawned

The Story of Harriet Tubman – Freedom Train

abolitionist abruptly abundant accomplices adjacent adjoining ailing apprehension arousing arsenal artisans assailing assault assembled asserted balked barricaded battered baying beckoned blockading blustery bogs bombardment bondage bounties brooded buoyed bustled calculate centenarians clatter commission conceal concluded conductors constables contemptuous contraband converged correspondence crude cunning delegation descent designated destitute devastation devoid dignified dinghy discarded dismal docile dreaded drenched drooped dusk emancipation enlist entrenched evict executed expeditions exulted flotilla fodder foray forged fortifications fugacious fugitives furlough garments gawking glanced glare gourd gravely harbor hearse hearty huddled infantry inscription laden lashed manacled marveled meager metropolis militia mortgage mourned nudged oppressed orator overseer pace pallets parched parlor patroller pension philanthropist plantation pleading plodded posse pretensions proclamation prosperous pursuers quartered quavering quench rations rebel rebellion recruits refuge reproached retreating rigors roused sanitary scolded scorning secession sedately sentries shanty shawl shrewdness shuffled slackened somber spirituals stolid stricken strode suffragette sullen suppression suspension sympathetic temperance thicket ticking traitors tramped treason trek trudged unfettered venture veranda verse weary wench

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

abate afflicted agile anguished arduous baffled banished bartered bewildered biding blasphemy bleak blithely brand buoyant calico carding cease chagrin chamber charter cherished clamor clapboards colony commotion conceded condescension consolation consorting constable consternation contempt contentment contrary convulsed courting cronies cuff culprits deacon deceiving deliberate detachment dignity dim-witted discomfort dismay docilely dowries draft dreadful dubiously embarking endurance escort etched evidence faltered filigree flax flogged flouting fretted gaudy gaunt gesture gingerly gravely grimly gruel haggard harboring hastily haughtily heretic hornbook hovered hull husking idle impetuously impulse incredulous indifferent indignant indulgently infatuated infidel inquired inquiry intent interceded inveigled jauntily jubilant jury ketch knobby laxness linen lingered loomed magistrate malady menial militia mocking monotonous nonchalant notorious obliged obstinate pace pandemonium passionate peaked peered perplexed persisted pew pewter pillory plantation poultice premonition primer prospect provocatively provoked prow Puritan Quaker quavered queried radiance raiment rap rapturously rebuked reckoning reconcile refuge reluctant reproof resolutely restrained retorted Reverend rouse Royalist ruefully Sabbath scandalized scoffed scowl seething selectman serenely shearing shrew shrewd shrilled skeins slackening slanders slight soberly sodden solemn somber sparse sparsely spinster stammered startled stern stocks stricken substantial surveyed tainted tallow tangibly tantalizing taut testimony thatched theology threshold treadle treason tremulously trencher trifle twanged unpremeditated uproar vengeance ventured vowed wagered wan warrant wary wearily wisp wistfully woes wraith

Tigers at Twilight

ancient bank bend blossom bounded chattered chirping endangered extinction fierce gashes gloom glowed hazy herd hermit limped lotus majestic misty peered poachers prairie rumbling savage scampered scooped screeching shimmered shrimp shrugged slithering spattered species surround tame twilight waded whooped yowling

U.S. History: Explorers

armada cape claim colony compass conquer conquistadors expedition fleet heritage isthmus knight mission missionary navigation navigator navy Northwest_Passage pirates preserve rivals route saga scurvy sea_dogs settlement slave strait translate vanished Vikings West_Indies

U.S. History: Geography

agriculture altitude aqueduct basin canyon cardinal climate continent degrees economy equator geography glacier globe gulf hemisphere industry interior key landforms latitude longitude manufacturing megalopolis meridian mineral parallels peninsula Piedmont plain plateau precipitation range region resource scale strait temperate temperature tributary